About Us

Total IPM provide both planned pest prevention contracts and reactive pest control for commercial properties across London. Our clients include some of the largest historical sites in London where only the highest level of service is acceptable to protect irreplaceable artefacts and collections.

Total IPM works closely with clients to not only control pests, but also remove and reduce factors which may contribute to pest infestations.

As specialist commercial pest control and prevention service providers, we understand the need for an efficient and flexible service which works with and around day to day individual business operations. We provide our services to all types of businesses and organisations including Retail, Hospitality, Heritage, Healthcare, Facilities Management, Offices, Transport, Government, Food Production, Education, Manufacturing and Engineering sites.

 Integrated Pest Management

A fully integrated pest management system works closely and in partnership with multiple departments to limit factors which influence the presence of pests on a site. This may involve working with housekeeping teams to look at ways to reduce the availability of food waste to pests, with maintenance teams to pest proof buildings, with grounds teams looking at ways to remove pest harbourages or with Estates or FM departments putting working pest management plans together. Total IPM work closely with our existing sites and continually monitor all matters which may influence pest activity.

Accurate reporting and recording of data is key to highlighting issues which could lead to pest activity, and enables trend analysis of data to help identify factors linked to increased pest activity. Using the market leading Service Tracker reporting system, we can provide visit and treatment reports quickly to address pest related issues. Reports are emailed directly to clients and site contacts as required via the cloud-based system on completion of visits. These will always include full details of any treatments undertaken, products used, observations (including supporting photographs), and any recommendations which may help reduce or prevent pest activity.

Total IPM designs and implements IPM strategies tailored to meet individual site requirements. We often work with onsite IPM teams to provide insect and rodent monitoring data which can then be merged with their own data.

If you have any questions regarding IPM and how we could help you please don’t hesitate to contact us and we will be happy to help.