Central London Pest Control

Are you never more than 6ft from a rat in London? Are there more rats than people in London? And have you seen a rat as big as a cat?

Well, if there is any truth to those sayings, it’s more likely to be in the Centre of London than anywhere else. With almost as much going on underground as above the centre of London provides a playground for pests. The urban environment that we have created almost couldn’t be a better habitat for rodents, with little to no natural predation and providing an abundance of food and warm hiding places for them to flourish. Able to scale to the tops of tower blocks and find the smallest opening the adaptable city rodent is one very challenging adversary. 

Total IPM are specialists with years of experience dealing with inner city urban pests, using a combination of time proven traditional techniques and modern innovations to ensure we remain one step ahead of pests. 

Need pest control for your Central London Business or Commercial Premises? Then contact Total IPM to arrange your free site survey. 

Areas covered:

Pest control WC1

Pest control WC2

Pest control EC1

Pest control EC2

Pest control EC3

Pest Control EC4