Construction Site Pest Control London

Building and construction sites can often expose subterranean services, cable runs and sewers can act as highways for rats which waste no time in exploiting any opening. With some projects lasting many months or even years, pests can find harbourage and take advantage of any available food sources potentially contaminating and making an unsafe work environment for construction workers and operatives. Pest control for building sites in London can be a necessity and stipulated in the terms of planning and tender specifications to ensure that construction sites are kept safe and free of pest activity. 

Total IPM is one of, if not the only commercial only pest control provider based in London, as such have the experience and understanding of working on large commercial premises. We take health and safety very seriously, for all works full Risk and Method statements will be provided along with all COSHH data and evidence of required competencies. 

What pests do you find on building and construction sites?

  • Rats and Mice are frequently found on building sites and building refurbishment projects, opportunistic rodents can enter buildings which are often left open and exposed for long periods
  • Feral pigeons can seek shelter and even start nesting in unfinished buildings
  • Insects such as flies, cockroaches and ants are never far away and can infest welfare and waste storage areas

How can you control pests on building sites?

Total IPM provide a range of pest control and prevention services to ensure construction sites and welfare areas remain safe and pest free. Services include:

  • Short term pest control contracts to service and maintain rat and mice bait stations
  • Reactive pest control services
  • A full range of bird control services including: Installation of Pigeon netting, Pigeon spikes and pigeon wires.

Do you have a requirement for pest control on a project? Contact us today to arrange your free site survey.