Museum Pest Control London

Total IPM are BPCA accredited specialists in providing pest control services to museums and heritage sites. Protecting some of the capitals most famous sites and irreplaceable collections and artifacts against damage from pests. 

Working with multiple departments Total IPM not only control pests, but look at addressing the reasons and other factors which encourage pest activity. Providing effective often innovative solutions to pest proof buildings to prevent pest ingress.

Major museum and heritage pests include:

  • Rodents – Rats & Mice
  • Moths – Common Clothes Moth, House and Meal Moths
  • Dermestid Beetles – Carpet and Larder Beetles
  • Store Product Insects – Biscuit Beetles, Weevils, Grain Beetles and Spider Beetles
  • Wood Boring Beetles – Furniture Beetles, Death Watch Beetles and Powder Post Beetles 
  • Birds – Feral Pigeons & Gulls

IPM Integrated Pest Management in Museums and Heritage sites

An effective IPM system relies on having in place effective pest monitors to collect information on numbers and types of pests. The data collected needs to be accurately recorded to allow for analysis to spot any trends or increases in pest activity. Insects especially can without monitoring go undetected for long periods causing serious damage to organic collection specimens and exhibits. Using a traditional blunder and pheromone traps alongside innovative combination monitors Total IPM provide effective insect monitoring for galleries and collection spaces.  

Would you like to know more about pest control for museums and heritage sites? Get in touch and we will be happy to help.