Pest Control for Offices London

Pests can be very distressing for staff if discovered in an office environment, they can also cause serious damage to equipment and pose a health risk contaminating areas with droppings and urine. Offices are often staffed for only 8-10hrs in every 24hrs leaving large areas of buildings unoccupied for long periods of time, leaving pests completely undisturbed.  Even a few small crumbs from that lunchtime sandwich eaten at the desk or in the staff canteen can be enough. 

What pests can be found in an office?

We can find a full range of pests in offices from rodents through to insects. Below are just some examples of pest activity which can be found in offices:

  • Mice can contaminate surfaces as they hunt for any leftovers from the day before
  • Flies and insect pests can cause annoyance and cross contaminate surfaces
  • Rodents can gnaw cables causing expensive damage and presenting a fire risk
  • Fruit flies can be brought in on infested fruits
  • Drain flies can use the U bends of sinks as breeding grounds
  • Fleas when in offices lack the pet host, they in homes and can turn to biting office staff

How do pests get into offices?

  • Rodents can often use the floor walls and ceiling voids to enter and move around inside of buildings. In offices it is common for mice to enter offices via the suspended floor grommets.  
  • Ants and other insect pests can find their way into buildings via the smallest of gaps around doors and windows. 
  • Insects such as fleas and cockroaches can even inadvertently be brought into offices by staff and items brought into sites. 

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