Pest Control for Restaurants London

Wherever you have food there is often a pest just waiting to take advantage.  Flying insects can invade premises via open doors and windows, more than just an annoyance, flies can transmit a huge range of diseases and infections. Rodents can quickly find and exploit food sources, this may include damage to stored produce and infesting waste storage areas. Legislation specifically the Food Safety Act 1990 requires that businesses must ensure that the layout, design, construction and size of food premises permit good food hygiene practices, including protection against external sources of contamination such as pests.

Pest activity can be deeply damaging to the reputation of restaurants and as such it is paramount that effective monitoring and control measures are in place. Total IPM provide pest control services to restaurants across London, and are highly experienced in dealing with the unique challenges faced by restaurants from pest activity in inner city environments. 

Total IPM provide a full range of pest control and prevention services for restaurants, these include:

  • Restaurant pest prevention contracts
  • Restaurant flying insect control units and servicing
  • Restaurant fly screens
  • Restaurant pest proofing

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