Pigeon Control London

Total IPM provide a full range of bird control services keeping businesses and organisations premises free from the unwanted attentions of birds across London.  Total IPM are BPCA accredited experts in installing pigeon proofing to protect buildings. Proofing can be completed with the installation of pigeon netting, pigeon spikes and deterrent sprung wire systems. Sometimes a combination of methods is used to effectively prevent pigeons and other birds roosting and perching on buildings.

Where proofing of buildings might be considered impractical, other methods such as hawk flights to deter pigeons may be considered. As a last resort, direct control via culling can be carried out by our trained and experienced team with all works being completed in accordance with GL41: general licence to kill or take certain species of wild birds to preserve public health or public safety.

Pigeon Netting Installation

Total IPM’s team of specialist installers have over 20 years’ experience in designing and installing pigeon netting systems to protect buildings from bird activity. Pigeon netting can be installed to protect all kinds of areas, including roof top plant compounds, loading bay canopies and balconies. 

In London, access to areas to install pigeon netting can often be challenging. Our team are IPAF and PASMA trained for the use of mobile elevated work platforms and Tower scaffolding, and where required IRATA trained abseilers for the most difficult areas. 

Total IPM only use the highest quality products, including stainless steel retaining wires and fixings to ensure the long life of all installations. 

Pigeon Spikes Installation

Pigeon spikes are an effective solution for preventing pigeons from perching and roosting on ledges and pipework. Total IPM install pigeon spikes to protect commercial premises in London against the unwanted attentions of feral pigeons. 

Using the highest-grade stainless-steel anti-roost pigeon spikes and strong adhesives, pigeon spikes provide long lasting effective proofing to keep pigeons away. 

Pigeon Wires Installation

Pigeon deterrent sprung wires are an ideal solution where a more minimal look is desired. They work well when installed to new buildings or where there is lighter pigeon activity. 

Total IPM are experts in the installation of pigeon wire systems and can advise on the best proofing solution for buildings. 

If you are not sure what the best solution would be, please contact us to arrange a free site survey and see how Total IPM can help remove or prevent issues from bird activity. 

Contacting us is simple.  Either email us at enquiries@total-ipm.com or fill out the below form and we will get back to you the same day.