Pigeon Fouling Clean London

Premises across London can suffer with the results of bird infestations. Pigeon fouling, guano or droppings can pose a serious risk to persons who may come into contact with them. Health risks linked to pigeon droppings can include Ornithosis, Listeria, E-coli and other potentially harmful pathogens which can be passed through droppings and by the birds themselves. When dry, the droppings can become airborne leading to respiratory complaints such as psittacosis, and the cryptococcus fungus.

Pigeons can often gain access to areas such as roof top plant rooms which quickly become heavily contaminated with their waste, this can pose a risk to any persons needing to work in the area or on the contaminated plant and equipment. 

Total IPM provide full pigeon fouling cleaning services, clearing pigeon droppings, disinfecting and making safe again these areas.