Bird Control

Total IPM provide a full range of services to protect your premises from the unwanted attentions of pest birds.

Our services include:

  • Population Management
  • Proofing: such as the installation of Anti-roost spikes and Netting
  • Falconry to deter pest birds
  • Fouling clearance
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Rodent Control

Finding the source of any rodent infestation is absolutely key to preventing reinfestations and often we are called to situations where rodents have been controlled, but no investigation has taken place to identify the origin of the problem.

At Total IPM we will always fully investigate all rodent infestations. Wherever possible our aim is to establish the root cause of infestation and make recommendations to proof against future reinfestation.

Have you had a reoccurring rodent issue? Contact us today and we will be happy to help.

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Insect Control

Total IPM provide insect monitoring and control services for all types of business and organisations and we specialise in Integrated Pest Management for heritage sites such as museums and galleries.

Our services include:

  • Supply and service of Electronic fly killers
  • Installation of fly screens
  • Crawling and flying insect control
  • Crawling and flying insect monitoring

Each and every service will be managed through TSS in order to provide a ‘One Team’ approach.

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Pest Prevention Contracts

Understanding that there is not one service which fits all, we individually tailor our pest prevention contracts to the requirements for each site.

Successful pest prevention and control relies on efficient pest monitoring. At Total IPM we use a range of both tried and tested methods of pest monitoring alongside new innovations to ensure we remain one step ahead of pests. A lot of the methods and monitoring points we use have been uniquely developed inhouse by the team at Total IPM to detect and record the first signs of pest activity.

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