Insect Monitoring and Control

Insect Monitoring and Control

Insects are the most diverse group among the five classes of arthropods which include crustaceans, centipedes, arachnids and millipedes. Accounting for over half of the known organism species on Earth and covering nearly every different ecological zone of the planet, insects are adapted to not only survive but thrive in some of the most extreme environments.

Insects and their larvae can feed on and destroy irreplaceable objects and collections of organic origin, including both animal and plant derived materials. Insects are often only found once the damage caused becomes visible to the eye. This emphasises the importance of an effective IPM strategy to detect pests before they cause irreparable damage.

Total IPM provide insect monitoring and control services for all types of business and organisations. We specialise in Integrated Pest Management for heritage sites such as museums and galleries.

Flying Insects

Flying insects can wreak havoc in food production and catering areas, spreading bacteria and contaminating any surfaces or food stuffs they land on. The presence of flies can indicate a bigger problem such as drain flies breeding in drainage U-bends or blow flies infesting external waste bins. Finding these sources of infestation is key to effective flying insect control and additional cleaning and better waste management may be needed to prevent infestations.

Our approach is to first control infestations and casual intruding insects, Proof via installation of fly screens and barriers, Restrict by removing and limiting insect access to potential food and breeding grounds and monitor using flying insect traps such as electronic fly control units to catch flies which find their way into sensitive areas.

Do you have an issue with flying insects? Contact us today and we will be happy to find and provide a solution.