Pest Control Contracts London

Why have a pest control contract? 

Businesses and organisations work extremely hard to build good reputations with their customers and clients and in today’s fast paced world of social media just one bad post can see years of hard work undone. Total IPM provide pest prevention contracts to help prevent pests and can detect any control pests often before they are seen by staff and more importantly clients and guests. Controlling pests before they become established or cause damage also makes financial sense to businesses. Over the years we have seen damage to buildings and premises running into the tens of thousands caused by pests and in some instances even more. 

How does it work?

Site survey – Every site is different and as such we provide free site surveys. During the survey we will assess the site, looking at any past or present pest issues or what areas of the site would be considered at an increased risk to pest activity. 

Quotation – All information will be documented and a photographic report complied, based on our survey findings a servicing schedule will be drawn up, this again will be tailored to meet the sites own specific requirements.  

Servicing – Most contracts consist of a set number of routine visits per annum for example 12 monthly visits. During these visits our technician will inspect our monitoring/control points which will be located in strategic decreet locations throughout the site. They will also inspect the building fabric for any evidence or signs or pest activity and make any required recommendations for housekeeping or other factors such as proofing which may influence or contribute to pest activity onsite. Should there be a pest sighting or evidence of pests between our routine visits our contracts include free call outs*. If any signs of pest activity are detected, the technician will schedule follow up visits to re-inspect and carry out treatments to ensure the pests are quickly controlled. Where possible recommendations will then be made to help prevent against future re-infestation. 

*Free call outs are based on inside normal weekday working hours.

Will I be tied into the contract?

Always check the small print… unlike some other pest control companies Total IPM will not hold you to fixed annual contracts. Our contracts are rolling and you will be fully covered, but if for whatever reason you decide a contract is no longer for you then it can be cancelled at any time giving 3 months written notice.