Pigeon Wire Installer London

Pigeon deterrent sprung wire systems help prevent pigeons from perching and alighting on ledges. Set at breast height, the fine wires work like a barrier making it difficult for the bird to land. In London they are a common sight on buildings and are liked due to the minimal visual impact they have. They work well in areas of lighter pigeon activity or on new build properties where birds are not already in residence. 

Total IPM’s experienced team can advise on the best solution for each individual situation. This may include the use of a combination of deterrent and proofing methods such as anti-roost pigeon spikes and netting to fully exclude birds from different areas of the same building. 

Using stainless steel quality components guarantees the long life of Total IPM pigeon deterrent sprung wire installations. 

Total IPM install pigeon deterrent wires to commercial premises across London. To arrange a free site survey either email us at equiries@total-ipm.com or contact us using the below form.